Other Services

Other Services

Pipe Stress Analysis

JPW’s MEP consultants in Dubai specialise in pipe stress analysis reports to help identify and correct unidentified stress points in chilled water and hot water pipework systems.

Continued expansion and contraction stemming from temperature fluctuations, long pipe runs, and heavy external loads, causes pipe stress throughout pipework systems. Unidentified stress points weaken areas throughout a system, causing the pipe to fail catastrophically. A pipe stress analysis report locates these points for further reinforcement and restructuring. As one of the few engineering companies in UAE to offer pipe stress analysis, out team has the experience and expertise to identify and resolve any issues in your pipework systems.

Dispute Management Resolution

Historically, Construction & Engineering can be confrontational and litigious, which can cause major losses and on-going disputes.

With our Dispute Management Resolution services, JPW’s team of experienced engineering consultants in Dubai has the expert technical skills and commercial acumen necessary to avoid, manage, mitigate and resolve disputes at any stage of the project. We are focused on helping clients progress through their project’s lifecycle without disruptive, and costly, disputes.

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