Fire & Life Safety Survey

Fire & Life Safety Survey

With an increasing focus on fire safety, engineering companies in UAE assist landlords and building owners to protect their asset (the building) and the lives of their tenants/occupants. However, it can be difficult to determine how key assets should be safeguarded and how to protect a workforce from fire, injury and other potential hazards. With JPW’s Fire and Life Safety survey service, our experienced engineering consultants in Dubai thoroughly review the asset safety systems in place, as well as recommend strategies and detailed remedial works for correct implementation, in compliance with Current Statutory Codes.

Our specialised team analyses assets, possible threats, and vulnerabilities, to determine the level of risk to personnel and assets. Our team ascertains the probability of threats and the consequences when these threats become reality.

Our survey includes on-site examination and analysis to identify and review the asset. The team’s review of fire safety and life critical systems provides solutions to comply with both Local and International Safety Standards. Where systems are non-compliant with Code and Standards, our team of experienced engineering consultants in Dubai provide solutions to achieve optimal performance and full protection.

The partial or full loss of an asset can have far-reaching financial and business implications with no clear path to full recovery. Preventing the loss of an asset is the most efficient and financially responsible approach, and our Fire and Life Safety Survey service can help you achieve this goal.

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