Design Peer Review and Project Management

Design Peer Review and Project Management

JPW understands the UAE’s construction sector, having worked closely with engineering consultants in Dubai, engineering companies in Abu Dhabi, developers, main contractors, sub-contractors, MEP consultants in Dubai, surveyors, architects and insurers. We understand that issues can arise at any project stage.

As engineering companies in Abu Dhabi and engineering consultants in Dubai continue to develop increasingly complex projects, JPW’s Design Peer Review service is essential to ensure a project’s design meets compliance and sustainability objectives, operational lifecycle cost projections, as well as the stakeholders’ expectations.

JPW’s highly qualified and experienced engineering consultants in Dubai perform a complete review of a project’s design, including engineering design, calculations and compliance with applicable Codes and Standards. Any conflicts between Specifications and drawings, non compliance with Codes and Standards, errors or miscalculations are reported and presented with recommendations to key project personnel and stakeholders.

Our team, which includes leading MEP consultants in Dubai, can then work with project stakeholders to implement the recommendations and maintain or improve the overall project timeline.

In managing any project, JPW understands that communication and coordination between complex engineering systems and multiple teams is crucial. Any miscommunication or uncontrolled expansion of the scope of work can cause costs to escalate and delays to the project’s schedule.

JPW’s Project Management service streamlines project communication and coordination, resulting in the mitigation of construction risks, and helping ensure compliance with budget and timeline.

JPW’s Project Management team also works closely with stakeholders to avoid or resolve disputes and minimise risk at all stages of a project’s lifecycle. We oversee a project’s technical interactions and the flow of information where all parties work together towards a common goal – project completion on time and on budget.

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