Commissioning Design and Management

Commissioning Design and Management

Commissioning a project’s design or management helps ensure that all systems and components of a building or industrial plant meet the operational requirements of the owner or final operator. This process can be initiated at the design phase and continue through installation, testing, operation and maintenance.

The commissioning programmes provided by building services installers and their sub-contractors are frequently over optimistic and uncoordinated. They assume fairly effortless cooperation from utilities providers and that buildings will be weather-tight with unobstructed access as well as a dust free environment. Additionally, unless the interdependencies for all building services systems are identified and are integrated with on-going construction activities, there is a significant risk of project overrun. This complex and often highly fragmented part of the construction process demands experienced management.

As one of the industry-leading engineering companies in UAE, JPW helps guide projects through the design commissioning process. Our team of experienced engineering consultants in Dubai work with project participants to verify the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR), which serve as the basis for a project’s design. JPW’s MEP consultants in Dubai also review the MEP systems to establish the design’s ability to be commissioned. This process occurs before any actual design work is completed, thus reducing the likelihood of false starts and costly rework.

The Commisioning Design and Management team should be involved as early as possible in the project to ensure that the design is commissionable and the services installations progress is in accordance with the commissioning plan. JPW’s engineering consultants in Dubai can work with stakeholders during the concept stage to create a seamless commissioning process that meets project objectives.

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