Asset Management and Lifecycle

Asset Management and Lifecycle

Also commonly referred to as “cradle to grave” or “womb to tomb” costs, JPW’s Asset Management and Lifecycle Service evaluates the financial costs, as well as the environmental and social costs, to provide a complete picture for an asset’s management and lifecycle.

Maintaining an asset should not be considered a cost because it is an investment that ensures an asset remains operational through its full lifecycle. The key is establishing the annual budget necessary to sustain an asset like a multi-million dirham building. As one of the leading engineering companies in UAE, JPW provides professional support with establishing benchmarks for operational and maintenance costs based on either the design or the actual building.

Our team of expert engineering consultants in Dubai carefully review expenditure areas, such as planning, design, construction and acquisition, operations, maintenance, renewal and rehabilitation, depreciation and cost of finance, replacement or disposal.

We then develop a plan, including equipment selection, which can reduce on-going maintenance and utility costs. JPW’s expert advice and recommendations can have a significant impact on operational overhead, which affect the overall lifecycle cost of the asset.

Our Case Studies demonstrate the operational savings available for developments in this region.

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