29Jan 2018
Sustainability that pays for itself – JPW Group outlines key sustainability upgrades with strong ROI
Sustainability that pays for itself – JPW Group outlines key sustainability upgrades with strong ROI

When consulting with clients on projects, JPW Group understand the numerous considerations, such as cost, design and technical aspects. Sometimes sustainability can be last on the list. Read on for some key sustainability considerations.

1. Switch to LED lighting

If your firm hasn’t done so already, engineering consultants in Dubai will suggest converting your lighting to LED, which will reduce your impact on the environment and over time, pay for itself with energy savings. By simply replacing old linear fluorescent lights with LED, you can achieve up to 50% in savings. Not only will your energy costs be dramatically reduced, LED fixtures will last 20 times the length of traditional fluorescent lighting fixtures. LED lighting doesn’t generate excess heat whilst turned on, meaning your AC systems will require less energy to cool your offices.

2. Cool it with effective windows

With the excessive heat of the summer months, preventing cool air from escaping a building is an important way to reduce energy costs. Engineering companies in UAE know that a significant amount of heat is transferred into a building through the windows whilst a substantial amount of cooler air escapes through gaps in window frames.

Reducing air leaks within the window fixtures or installing modern windows with high UV resistance will offer better cold air retention, especially for spaces that experience direct sunlight. Reflective window films are a simple and cost-effective method to reduce heat from entering the workspace. The thin film that is attached directly to the inside of the window inside the office, can reduce heat from the sun by up to 80% within the office.

3. Keep up the AC maintenance

With long, hot summers where continuous cooling is essential, a high proportion of your energy requirements will be spent on cooling. Inefficient AC systems are a common problem witnessed by MEP consultants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Unmaintained and inefficient AC systems not only fail to cool effectively, they pose a danger to your employees’ health (due to airborne bacteria transfer) whilst costing you large sums of money in terms of inefficient power usage.

Regular cleaning and maintenance by a trusted AC specialist will dramatically increase your AC systems efficiency, reducing the amount of power required to regulate the temperature within the office.

For more information on how you can integrate sustainable practices into your company contact JPW Group, leading engineering consultants in Dubai, at info@jpwgroup.co.

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