5Feb 2018
JPW Group Discusses What Engineering Services You Should Prioritize in 2018
JPW Group Discusses What Engineering Services You Should Prioritize in 2018

Any building requires regular servicing to ensure operational and structural integrity; however, it can prove difficult to choose which projects to pursue. JPW Group, leading MEP consultants in Dubai, have a few suggestions regarding which engineering services you should pick this year to keep everything running smoothly.


Engineering consultants in Dubai understand that even perfectly designed and installed building systems lose prime performance function following modifications or regular wear-and-tear. Unfortunately, engineering companies in UAE have also encountered situations where lower-quality components or poor workmanship create significant disruptions to operations. With recommissioning, specialists can assess system functioning, including sensors and controls, and make minor adjustments. In fact, engineering consultants in Dubai and engineering companies in Abu Dhabi have achieved almost 10% in energy savings with a few simple adjustments that do not incur major expenses or excessive man-hours.

HVAC Consulting Services

MEP consultants in Dubai work with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems – all of which can create massive energy expenses. But HVAC systems also play a crucial role in maintaining occupants’ health and comfort. Along with keeping building interiors at reasonable temperatures and humidity levels, these systems manage to reduce air pollutants and provide fresh air. Given the key functions of HVAC systems, they can occupy more space than both electrical and plumbing configurations. Since HVAC operations are usually complicated, overall system assessments offer a bigger picture of system performance. Examining individual components in isolation does not allow for a full analysis of operational functioning. Each system part must work at peak levels by itself, with its subsystem, and within the overall structure. With an overall system assessment, multiple areas for improvement can be identified, which can help reduce your highest energy expenditures.

Fire Alarms and Sprinkler System Services

With an increased focus on fire safety, there is every reason to keep a structure’s fire protection system in perfect working order. As critical safeguards for occupant and building safety, they act as your first line of defense. Even if you’ve never experienced a fire in your building and feel secure in its other safety features, the UAE’s fire protection codes continue to be refined to require up-to-date features. A fire alarms and sprinkler system services assessment provide you with valuable information about the safety of your building’s fire suppression systems.

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