8Nov 2017
Introducing J P W Technical Services – JPW Group, Leading Engineering Consultants in Dubai, Rebrands and Expands Services
Introducing J P W Technical Services – JPW Group, Leading Engineering Consultants in Dubai, Rebrands and Expands Services

It’s been a busy time for all of us at JPW, and we’re excited to announce our expansion and rebranding. Under the umbrella of the JPW Group, we now offer a variety of services such as MEP Consultancy and Design, Project Management and Contracting.

As one of the leading engineering companies in UAE, we recognised that our clients would work closely with engineering consultants in Dubai or engineering companies in Abu Dhabi to develop, manage, and complete construction projects, but they struggled to find technical services support. It can be extremely difficult to find skilled installation and maintenance companies that provide the level of quality service necessary to ensure a construction is completed safely, on time and on budget. With underqualified contractors, companies risk damage to equipment or, even worse, harm to employees. Inexperienced maintenance companies can damage existing structures and systems, causing costly repairs.

As experienced and highly qualified MEP consultants in Dubai, we not only understand a structure’s systems requirements – we also know how to correct issues that may arise due to the UAE’s unique environment. With our new technical services company, J P W Technical Services, we will offer contractor services that are backed by our years of experience with engineering companies in UAE. Our clients can now rely on JPW to deliver best-in-market services for:

  • Air Conditioning, Ventilations, and Air Filtration Systems Installation and Maintenance
  • Electro mechanical Equipment Installation and Maintenance
  • Plumbing and Sanitary Contracting
  • Engraving and Ornamentation Works
  • Partitions and False Ceilings Contracting
  • Plaster and Cladding Works

With J P W Technical Services, our clients can feel confident that their projects will receive the high level of professionalism and expertise they expect from the leading engineering consultants in Dubai.

To mark the expansion of our services, we have also rebranded. Our clients can now expect even easier navigation of our website, where we highlight the many high-profile projects our engineers have managed. We also offer in depth information about our services for our clients to assist them with determining the service requirements for their projects.

Of course, we remain committed to being the most trusted MEP consultants in Dubai. With JPW Technical Services, we can help our clients meet even more of their project objectives with professionalism and confidence.

For more information on how JPW Group and J P W Technical Services can assist you with your project, contact us at info@jpwgroup.co.

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