6Mar 2018
3 ways MEP Consultants in Dubai can help your company
3 ways MEP Consultants in Dubai can help your company

Whether it’s a new construction or an existing building, engineering consultants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are an important part of the engineering process. Their purpose is not only to ensure that building systems are designed and installed properly but also to identify problems in existing structures. In both instances they are facilitating a safe and comfortable environment for occupants as well as optimising operating costs. Below are some of the areas that experienced MEP consultants in Dubai can review to help your company run more efficiently and effectively.

1. Help your HVAC system run optimally and ensure air quality

Your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system needs to be designed and installed correctly in order to run efficiently. That means the system needs to be the right size for the building in question (see our article on oversizing here [INSERT HYPERLINK]). Also, the right HVAC system will help with controlling and removing airborne pathogens whilst improving air quality, which will also increase employee productivity (see our article on air quality here [INSERT HYPERLINK]).

2. Reduce your lighting consumption

Managing lighting consumption in a building will not only reduce costs but also provide a more comfortable indoor environment. Harsh lighting can induce headaches, eye strain, and create an overall unpleasant environment for employees and clients. You can reduce your lighting consumption and increase your lighting quality by incorporating more natural daylight into a design or adding sensors and energy-efficient light fixtures.

3. Ensure an efficient plumbing system for comfort, safety and sustainability

Remember that a building’s plumbing must incorporate various systems throughout the structure to operate correctly. Sewer and waste systems naturally come to mind but sprinkler and fire suppression systems are also vitally important considerations (including UAE Civil Defense requirements). Engineering consultants in Dubai and engineering companies in Abu Dhabi should be able to integrate fire and plumbing systems for seamless performance. The right system will also incorporate water conservation techniques, such as low-flow fixtures, to make your building eco-friendly.

So, remember that when considering MEP consultants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, think of their service as an investment in ensuring your building systems operate optimally during their projected life-span. Additional benefits will include lower operating costs, improved productivity, safety for occupants, and increased sustainability.

For more information on how JPW Group, leading MEP consultants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can help you in the construction process or with your existing building contact info@jpwgroup.co.

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